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Feasibility Studies

For your  a RES facility (Renewable Energy Source): biomass, biogas, bio methane, gasification and pyrolysis, wood gasification, vapour carbonization, VTC and hydrothermal HTC, wind power, photovoltaic, biomass from farming , forestry, solid waste, toxic and/or  medical, thermodynamic system  (Concentrators etc), ORC, Stirling, HAT hot air turbine, HRSG heat recovery steam generation, gas turbines, steam turbines, HVAC, geothermal, trigeneration, quad-generation (CO2 capture, sequestration and conservation)

Design & Implementation

We deal with a wide range of services: the identification of customer needs, starting from  the first sketch (concept study), the request for permission to build, the executive definition of the project and as-built control of the same. We assist the customer in all phases of the design, supply, construction, commissioning and after sales service.

Econometric Studies

Financial modelling, bank and investors relations, equity or debt research, project finance


We are able to offer 100% financing for these projects via loan programs through various lenders.

These loans need to meet certain criteria like any other financial transactions of this nature and are based on each project independently.


Scanner and 3D printing of small objects, CFD computed fluid dynamics, reverse engineering, IR and laser metrology, chemical and physical analysis on the field, QS tests, QA and QM  ISO 9001-8-14.000 and  51000 management