About AES nrg

Nicolo Cerni & ALTAIR engineering (USA, 1998) head up the management team at AES nrg. Together, they have written literally hundreds of studies and business plans for clients worldwide.

Dale has 40 years of engineering and management experience while Nicolò  is a licensed business planner from Germany. Both have lived and worked all over the world on a wide variety of projects.

AES nrg has focused on aviation related studies while Nico’s background includes HVAC systems integration. The company began its pursuit of waste to energy in 2002 with a pyrolysis project in Italy.

Since then, the plasma arc technology along with advanced pyrolysis methodology has developed into a worldwide phenomenon such that there is today scarcely a city, town or municipality that remains unaware of the significant benefits of gasification of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and, above all, gasification of organic waste such as virgin wood, wood waste, farming residuals, olive and vineyards cuttings, chicken droppings, manure etc.